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Music Q

This application allows a group of friends to create a collab-orative playlist. Once a song
is uploaded the group can vote a song up or down based on their music preferences.

Pixel Perfect Wireframes

High-Fidelity wireframes are essential in any design process. Not only for visual appeal
but to communicate a clear vision to stake holders and development teams. This flow shows how a user can add a song from their favorite libraries.

Aux Port Adapter

Music Q is an application that requires a piece of hardware. The aux adapter plugs into the audio system and proceeds to cycle user songs via Bluetooth.

Vision 2.0

Procter & Gamble sponsored a collaborative studio during the 2016 Fall Semester. Nick
Saho and I focused on how we could en-
hance P&G products through augmented reality. I focused specifically on improving
point of purchase experiences.

– Unity/Vuforia Android
– Demo Video
– Presentation Poster

What If...

Your home assistant like an Amazon Echo pushes your personal lifestyle preferences to the cloud. P&G analyzes cloud data and filters products that fit your preferences. Triggering personal AR visuals around P&G products in real-time.

The final presentation consisted of a poster, a demo video, and a working prototype. It was important that the material told the story even when we weren't there to present our work. P&G liked it so much they awarded both of us a small scholarship.


Fish Icons

This icon system was created to represent the differences between fish species. A circle was used to craft the body of the fish maintaining visual consistencies throughout the system.


The use of iconography on aquarium glass adds consistency even with different species in the same tank . When the viewer understands the system they can gain basic characteristics of a tank and fish behaviors.


The circle concept came from many rounds
of sketches. I noticed the circle pattern emerging so I decided to push it further by creating a system of rules based on fish behaviors and characteristics.

– Facing Left = SALTWATER
– Facing Right = FRESHWATER

– Top Circle = TOP FEEDER
– Bottom Circle = BOTTOM FEEDER
– Side of Circle = JUMPER

Star Wars

Focuses on creating a trivia experience for the
viewer to test their knowledge of the Star Wars universe. The flow of the questions follows the
plot lines of the main characters through each episode. The Guess Who section provides a less difficult experience by using main characters and icons.


During the scope of this project it was vital to keep all of my assets in an organized hierarchy. During the research stage I collected hundreds of images and facts and organized them by movie.

Concept Artifact

A concept artifact was developed to comp-
lement the infographic. Reformatting the information as a card game kept the "playful" experience while increasing portability
and competition.

Unfortunately, the work I produced for Crown during my 30 week period is under a NDA agreement. However, I can show most of my UI/UX work during an in-person interview.
So let's talk!

– UI Design
– Prototyping
– UX Testing

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